Dear Friends,

I believe music is one of the most powerful forms of communication in the world. It has the capacity to cross over the barriers of language, culture, race and ideology by reaching right to the heart of the listener. My hope in offering you this collection of songs is that they would indeed touch your heart with what I believe is the most powerful message in the world — the good news of the love of Jesus Christ.

These songs are special to me in another way; all but one of them were written by members of my local Christian family. This family has been my support structure for over 25 years through all my struggles, stumblings and mistakes, as well as all the miraculous things we’ve been through as followers of Christ. We continue to walk together, endeavoring to express God’s love through our words and deeds.

As we all move toward increasingly difficult times this kind of love will become rare and wonderful in a world that is steadily growing cold and dangerous. My prayer is that these songs will help prepare you for the days ahead by pointing you to the One who can both melt your heart and make it warm with His love. When the love of Christ guides us we can make it through any difficulty because love never fails!

—John Maniatty

Every day on the news we see the storm clouds of major political, religious and social upheaval gathering. We’re fighting wars abroad with rumors of new wars starting at any moment. The Middle East is a seething cauldron of hatred and violence. On the home front our nation is more divided now than at any time since the 1960’s.

In the midst of the turmoil there’s One who loves us and desires to bring peace to our souls. He beckons us with a heart full of love to turn our minds and hearts toward Him. So often we get caught up in the demands of living that we forget the One who gives us Life. He never forgets us and is always reaching out to touch our insides and draw us closer to Him.

You Are the One is a collection of love songs from ordinary people to an extraordinary God. There’s not much special about us: we all work at our vocations, we laugh and cry, we live and learn. We’re sons and daughters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers. We’re your neighbors—people just like you. These songs are a collection of simple folk music from our hearts to His.

Whatever you’ve done with your life, and wherever you find yourself, He’s waiting with open arms to draw you back to Himself. It’s our hope that you find His Presence while listening to these songs we are so pleased to be able to share with you.

Worship is an integral part of our fellowship life. We invite you to listen to and download any of our worship music—absolutely free! It is all original and it is all from a heart of love and passion for Jesus.

First Place In Everything!

When I was about seven years old I began to give my 'heart' away.

It started out innocently enough. First, I gave a piece of my heart to my television heroes: the Maverick's, the Cartwright's, Captain Kangaroo and Superman. They became my friends and I wanted to be like them.

As I grew older I discovered sports, giving a piece of my heart to each of my favorite teams: the Giants, the Yankees and the Celtics (when I was a teenager, much to my fathers chagrin, I took my heart back from the Yankees and gave it to the Red Sox!). I played football, baseball and basketball, desiring to be like all those men whom I watched play.
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